About United Pharma

United Pharma is a manufacturing company, established in 1983. United Pharma is specialized in manufacturing pharmaceutical products that adopt new technology including Metered Dose lnhalations and Topical Aerosols added to the conventional solid and liquid dosage forms using HFA gas in the MDIs, a change that proves to better serve the patients & the environment too.


United Pharma has constructed its plant over an area of seven acres with a special layout designed in accordance to cGMP standards to ensure maximum quality through minimizing risks of errors, permitting effective cleaning & effective maintenance & completely avoiding cross-contamination or build-up of dirt and dust.

The plant is fully equipped with fully automated computerized machineries from European origin.

The plant process has adopted both vertical & horizontal flow of materials that allows processing through closed systems, full automation & a complete separation between production & transportation areas; a matter that adds to efficiency & quality as well The personnel flow has been also designed to include short routes with a complete separation between the assigned routes for personnel handling pharmaceutical from those assigned for non-pharmaceuticals accessed through special locking system which serve as an added measure to minimize cross contamination & ensure quality while enhancing the processing efficiency. United Pharma has its own utility infrastructure to ensure adequate generation and distribution of purified Water, Heating and ventilation of Air condition system for the control of temperature & humidity at all times. , HVAC system and IQ air system.


The production area including manufacturing & packaging has been designed in accordance to the GMP standards with automatic monitoring equipment (Building Management Systems) to continuously record temperature and relative humidity in each manufacturing area based on the product processing stage.

The production facility include three main lines :


  1. Metered Dose inhalations (MDls) : HFA based MDI product, installed & operated under technical cooperation & supervision from a well-known Italian Company. This line has dedicated areas for dispensing, manufacturing canisters and valve cleaning, canister filling, quarantine storage area, spray testing, packaging, propellant storage and in process control, the MDI filling line is provided with a special air conditioning system (IQ air system) which is a new patented technology to keep production lines under class 100.
  2. Topical Aerosols: A fully automated LPG production line, well equipped with patented machine for gas fitting with a safety requirements.
  3. Solid / liquid Oral line : to produce different dosage forms including tablets, capsules & others


The production process is running under a high capacity of 60 units per minute for both The MDIs & Topical Aerosols Lines in order to ensure availability & fulfillment of the market demand.

Research & Development

R&D is a strategic unit in United Pharma where the technical know-how are met with creativity to develop products of unique design that best serve the market. United Pharma has collaborated with well-known research & development labs  to develop the selected range of HFA-MDls, Topical Aerosols and Liquid/Solid products.


United Pharma management believes that success is only achieved through people who are carefully stuffed to fit to their roles, well trained, continuously developing & kept motivated. United Pharma is proud to have high caliber staff, self-driven & ambitious of diverse experiences, managed to optimize performance through team work, continuous improvement & employee involvement.


Our marketing strategy is aimed to hold our brands in a leading position through a professional marketing approach representing United Pharma not only as a provider of medications but also as partners & supporters for all health providers to keep them medically informed. United Pharma has a well-designed marketing mix that aims to better serve the market with a well selected product portfolio available when & where it is needed at affordable prices & presented with informative & creative promotional tools. United Pharma has a wide distribution network of well reputed distribution agencies covering all active outlets.

United Pharma is aiming to successfully target the international market with a product mix designed to satisfy each market need.


United Pharma highly values its relations with all their partners including suppliers, customers & government authorities & deal with them on the basis of respect & integrity. United Pharma has established partnerships with highly reputable international pharmaceutical companies. The partnership involves technical support & technology transfer in manufacturing & marketing of medicinal products.

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