Message from the chairman

It is obvious that all believe of a better future for us and the forthcoming generations. But the question is whether we watch & wait or we can make it happen, Our answer is that United Pharma will make it happen. As United Pharma would contribute a greater portion for a better and healthier future for the world where it shall operate. United Pharma is not about mere technology alone but treating mankind for a better health which would result in enjoying life. There is a saying which proves that "Health is Wealth".


We believe a pharmaceutical industry is one of the most potent industrial sectors which have major impact on national economies which indeed creates employment opportunities which also leads to research investment. Not withstanding the prosperity that would reward the owners but also all the stakeholders & the community.


At United Pharma we recognize the importance of maintaining a high degree of professionalism in all that we do, as well as keeping pace with the rapid changes taking place in both the local and international market places. By this, we are able to excel in serving our customers, suppliers, and community.


In order to maintain our competitive edge, we continuously set challenging targets for our organization and invest in technological advancements in order to create the most modern - efficient operating systems and infrastructure.


We truly believe our talent to be our greatest competitive advantage. Consequently, we continue maintaining the highest standards of organizational performance through training, developing, rewarding, and retaining talents.


In all aspects of our business, we are focusing on maintaining the highest standards of quality, to ensure that our products deliver the maximum potential benefit to patients. This focus is differentiating us from our competitors and helping to drive strong demand for our products. Our commitment to quality has truly been the cornerstone of our success. Furthermore, our success would not have been possible without our employees who put in their unrelenting efforts to rise to excellence and execute our strategy.


United Pharma is a model where great ideas, creativity, technology experience & quality are integrated altogether to present a medicinal product which would decrease the disease burden with added therapeutic values of innovation, cost effectiveness & availability.


Significant investment has been made in positioning the Group for the future. United Pharma has proven that it has the elements required for growth – talent, resources and perseverance - in abundance. And as the Chairman and CEO, I can’t ask for a better foundation.

Chairman United Pharma Canada

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