United Pharma MDI spacer chamber with mask 175ml



Free-breath valved holding chamber is a valved holding chamber for use in delivering metered dose medications. Holding chamber is a physician recommended way to delivery asthma and other metered dose medication effectively and efficiently. This holding chamber incorporates several improved features:

  • This product contains no latex and it is BPA free.
  • The Free-breath anti-static polymer chamber delivers more medication to the patient.
  • The Free-breath mask for this chamber features an easy flow exhalation valve to make exhalation easier.
  • A new flow dynamic valve and baffle system increases the amount of medicine that makes it to your lungs and decreases oral deposition of medicine for reduced side effects.
  • A new universal adapter fits all commonly prescribed inhalers, including new HFA inhalers.
  • All of our product pass CE and ISO 13485 certification


Small mask is going to fit infant(0-18 months)

Medium mask fits children(1-5years)

Large mask for most adults


What is a valved holding chamber?

Valved holding chambers are devices designed for use with metered-dose inhalers (MDI). Their purpose is to improve medication delivery, decrease deposition of medication in the mouth and throat, and eliminate the need to coordinate activating the MDI with inhaling the medication.

Holding chambers have valves that prevent medication loss during exhalation by allowing air to flow through the chamber only during inspiration. For children with asthma, an MDI with a holding chamber may be easier to use and more effective than an MDI alone.


Our unique feature:

Best raw material: all the materials we adopt are medical standard.

Innovative design: designed with mask and flow signal whistle, which is more convenient to use.

Ideal volume: enhanced suspension and distribution of the atomized drug.

Package: packed with pouch and carton.

Different size of mask: small, medium, and large one for different people use.



Optimizes the delivery of MDI asthma medication.

Compatible with most MDI (metered dose inhaler) actuators.

Helps target medicine to your lungs.

Helps keep you from spraying drug on the back of your throat.

Clear mouthpiece helps caregiver to see valve movement to coordinate timing of medication actuation.


  • Valve and end cap remove easily for cleaning, and the valve can be replaced, so your chamber lasts longer.
  • Helps eliminate unpleasant tastes of some medications.
  • Detachable masks allow children to switch to the mouthpiece at as young an age as possible, for better drug delivery, without the cost of buying a new chamber

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