Quality Management

United Pharma has adopted the concept of total quality management as an approach to maximize the company's competitiveness through continuous improvement of products, services, processes, people & environment. United Pharma has developed a quality management system to ensure that the delivered products are effective, safe & of quality that not only satisfies the customers' needs but also exceeds their expectations, The quality system is designed to ensure that all running operations including manufacturing of products, testing, packaging, storing, distributing & marketing are conducted in accordance to a set of approved standards & specifications.


  • Quality Control: The state-of-the-art Quality Control laboratory has been equipped with fully computerized equipment of latest technology such as HPLC, GC, & FTlR provided by Shimadzu Co-japan, QC laboratory is supported by other equipments from the Coply Co-England, to examine the physical properties of the MDl like: Next generation pharmaceutical impactor and NGl leak tester, to ensure reliability and accuracy of product quality testing. QC carries their role through continuous controlling and monitoring of starting materials, in process product, finished products and manufacturing environment.
  • Quality Assurance : QA actively control quality by applying a quality management system and monitor its implementation, through a well-designed documentation system that controls various activities of the company operation, and a periodic auditing of the various departments to ensure proper implementation and observe areas of improvement. United Pharma is in the process to be certified with: [1SO 9001 2008- Quality management system], [OHSAS Occupational health and safety system 18001 2007], and[Environment management system 150 14001 2009].



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